Infineon Solution Led Driver : 320W

Technical Specifications:

  Part Details

  1. Infineon - ICL5102 (PFC+LLC Combo IC)

  2. Infineon - IPA60R400CE (LLC MOSFET)

  3. Infineon - IPA60R400CE (PFC MOSFET)

  4. Other active & passive parts / BOM support.

Salient Features

  1. It can be used from 40-250w

  2. Integrated High Side MOSFET Driver

  3. System Efficiency >92%

  4. Integrated Two-Stage Combination Controller Allows for Reduced Number of External Components, Optimizes Bill of Materials (Bom) and Form Factor

  5. Best-In-Class PFC and Thd at Full and Light Load

  6. Maximum 500 Khz Hb Switching Frequency and Soft-start Frequency up to 1.3 Mhz

  7. Automatic Switching Between Qrm and Dcm Mode.

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